Getting Organized for Colombia Trip

11 Jan

Arlyne and I are just now putting our “kit” in order for traveling to Colombia.  It’s difficult to pack for a two week trip when we have camera gear, binoculars, laptop, nook, etc.  My feet are so big that packing my boots (for birding), some dress shoes (for the odd night out) and tennis shoes for lounging around will take up nearly a medium-sized suitcase.  We plan to carry most of our photo gear with us on the plane to avoid tempting anyone.  I say this because I lost an entire vacation’s worth of video once at an airport when I wasn’t paying attention and the camera walked (or probably ran) off.  We each have Nikon D200’s and Tamron 200-500 zoom lenses.  In addition, we are carrying a Nikon 70-300mm VR-ED, a Nikkor 28-105 mm, a Nikkor 18-70 mm, a Tamron 90mm Macro and one doubler between us.  We have five batteries, two chargers, miscellaneous filters, a tiny tripod, binoculars and 25 GB of digital memory.  A far cry from the days of 36 shots in a roll.  This will give us about 1500 pictures in RAW mode (our preference) or nearly 4200 JPEG pictures.  If we get desperate, we go to normal mode for over 8000 pictures.  Our trusty laptop goes with us as well and we can download pictures every evening as needed.  

I remember building a darkroom in my garage years ago.  I did strictly black and white and had a lot of fun.  When I was just getting started I asked a friend for advice and he told me “The first thing you need to buy is a huge wastebasket.”  That advice holds true today because we DELETE things so quickly and in such huge quantities.  

I still cling to the behavior of “cropping” my pictures as I take them, forgetting that I have enough digits that I don’t have to.  I’ll eventually get over that.  Another photographer once showed me his 31 megapixel Hasselblad and told me “I don’t need a telephoto lens.”  He just zoomed in on the computer.  

We’re hoping to upload updates and pictures to this blog while we’re in Colombia.  I’m looking forward to that.  I send a journal every few weeks to people I know and will eventually transplant the journal to this page.  It wasn’t that long ago when we used to send airmail on flimsy paper to our friends that lived out of the country or even the next state over.  Now I send my journal to Colombia, Canada, New Zealand and Australia without a care in the world.  I hope this blog goes as far one day.

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