Post from Bogota

19 Jan

We arrived late last night/early this morning.  Friends Jorge and Maria picked up up and drove us to their apartment.  Noticed that the little yellow taxicabs were apparently from China and are called “atos.”  Is this a transliteration of the Spanish word “autos?”  Or since the Spanish word for “cough” is “toz”, is the little car called a “cough?”

First bird in Colombia was the rufous-collared sparrow, sitting on the balcony.  We had seen this little guy in Peru and Costa Rica but he was welcome.  Next bird was yellow-legged thrush.  This ID is not 100% because there is another thrush (glossy back) that looks a lot like this one.  I’m pretty sure I have him, though.  We also saw a little dove in a park and I think it’s a plain-breasted dove but I’ll have to check on him a little more as well.

Check out my photo of the thush if I can get it inserted:

yellow-legged thrush

yellow-legged thrush

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