Dairy visit and another farm

29 Jan

Our friend Jorge has been in the dairy business all his life.  He arranged a visit to one of “his” dairies, owned by Marcela Restrepo.  It’s a jersey cow dairy and we learned that jersey milk is in demand because its very rich in fat and protein.  The jersey cows are so beautiful, I can believe their milk is fabulous.  She has about 200 cows.  We saw the operation pretty much from one end to the other.  The cows have a nice area that they can mill about in until they’re milked.  They like to be milked because they get to eat high energy food and the pressure of the milk is relieved.  They crowd up against the gate to the milking machines until its their turn.

The bull that started this whole business sits sullenly outside, safely tied up and munching grass.  He is huge and black and doesn’t appear to like anybody.

Marcela’s husband owns a gravel/rock crusher business on the same property.  We saw heavy trucks coming and going most of the day.  Between them, they do very well.  What a fortunate experience for us to see both operations.  I was raised on a cotton and alfalfa farm in Arizona but my farming days are in the distant past.  It was fun to relive (somewhat) those early days way outside of town, driving tractors, chopping weeds and all the other farm tasks.  This dairy had all this as well of course.

I am organizing our pictures from the Chingaza National Park trip and will put some of those bird pictures up soon.  I have to say that in a large open area such as Chingaza, bird pictures are more difficulot.  You can’t creep up on the birds, they’re often backlit and at quite a distance.  Nevertheless, they sometimes come out for a look and that’s when you have to pounce.

We leave for the US tomorrow and will post when we get back and settled.  Please enjoy our dairy trip mixed in with some general Colombian sights and a few birds of course.

Marcela, Jorge and Mariajeresy cow-smallmilk collection-smallDSC_0059 yellow-backed orioleDSC_0043-1 unknown bird at little houseassault weapon-smalltaxi-smalllovely

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One response to “Dairy visit and another farm

  1. Arlyne

    March 12, 2013 at 2:12 am

    Fantastic! UBob … I didn’t realize you grew up on a farm! I get to learn fun facts about my family reading your blog 🙂 … Very cool.


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