On the Road Again……….

08 Mar

We’ve wandered again (as nomads do) from Texas to California, with only a few mechanical motor-home difficulties.  We fixed the front rotors on the brakes but this sort of thing is to be expected.  We are currently parked in San Diego, where the sun is shining and the temperature is 87 degrees F.  If only we had been able to take the motor-home to Colombia.  Maybe in a parallel universe we could have. We’re pretty busy visiting friends and family but we’re getting short of time for our next nomadic trip.

After a final tally, we confirmed a total of 40 new birds from our January trip to Colombia.  Our list is at the bottom of this post (for those really dedicated bird fans).  We loved as well all the birds we saw that we already knew.  I also think we created a few new birders in Colombia.  Jorge and Maria have put up hummingbird feeders at their “farm” and will be telling us what flies in.   It’s terrific how much fun I have watching people as they become aware of the bird life (and other wildlife) around them.  And Jorge can spot movement in a tree a lot better than I can.  I think he’ll probably have a nice list of hummers before too long.  Arlyne sees them better than me as well.  Once on a bird trip Arlyne and I both saw a bird fly by us.  She asked me “Did you see that?”  “Sure”, I said… was brown wasn’t it?”  Arlyne says to me “Yes, and it had black legs, brown eyes, yellow wing bars and a little red patch on it’s face.”  But we do have a good time.

I thought I would post a bird picture here from a previous trip to Costa Rica.  Our plan is to spend a couple of months there next winter, maybe Jan/Feb 2014.  It’s hard for us to plan that far ahead.  We’re trying to get one or both of my brothers to come down for part of that time.

We’ll also be trying to see some birds in the state of Washington, where we’re planning to spend a few months.  I can already imagine getting shots of puffins in flight and several new birds that we’re targeting.  We’ve been in the Olympic Peninsula area before and love that part of the country.  There are a lot of nice birds up and down the coast and along the shores of the Strait of Juan de Fuca that separates the US from Canada.  We want to do a pelagic trip, maybe two, during the spring and see some nesting activity.  We’ve seen three or four albatross species off the coast of New Zealand and when you see an albatross, you never forget it.  We hope to see a black-footed albatross.

An exotic Costa Rican bird: black-faced solitaire

FINAL COLOMBIAN NEW BIRD LIST:  great thrush, white-bellied woodstar hummingbird, indigo-capped hummingbird,  gorgeted woodstar hummingbird, brown violet ear hummingbird, black-throated mango hummingbird, white-vented plumeteer hummingbird, crimson-backed tanager, palm tanager, masked tanager, lesser kiskadee, grey-breasted martin, black-billed thrush, cattle tyrant, saffron finch, spectacled thrush, rufous-browed pepper-shrike, yellow oriole, black flower-piercer, rufous wren, scarlet-bellied mountain tanager, rufous conebill, pale-naped brush-finch, sierra finch, green train-bearer hummingbird, Andean guan, streak-throated bush-tyrant, white-capped tanager, white-rumped hawk, blue and black tanager, masked flower-piercer, white-chinned thistle-tail, Bogota rail, southern lapwing, spot-flanked gallinule, tropical mockingbird, smooth-billed ani, superciliaried hemispingus, yellow-backed oriole, masked crimson tanager.

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