The Eagle Family Up Close and a Trip to Fort Casey

07 Jun

Anybody who likes bald eagles should like these pictures.  Arlyne and I went to Sequim as we do every week or so to follow Lucy and Ricky, the eagle pair and their single chick.  They began with two eaglets and no one knows what happened to the other one.  The now-single eaglet is up and moving around, flexing his barely feathered wings and investigating everything.  He/she copies what the parents do and watches them very closely.  Their huge eagle home is probably one of the most people-viewable ever.  There are even European websites that keep track of these birds.  They’ve used this nest for at least 4 or 5 years.

Although normally we upload our own pictures, we’re making a well-deserved exception with a couple of photos sent to us by Keith and Kathy Parizo, full-fledged (no pun intended) members of the Eagle Fan Club.  It’s hard to get more dramatic photos.  They show a duck, possibly a female mallard, escaping from the nest after being carried up there by one of the eagles.  Keith and Kathy tell us the duck made good its escape. 

First, a couple of Arlyne’s photos of the eaglet up close, interacting with mom (I think its Lucy).


THE ESCAPE:  Keith and Kathy were there to see it all!  Good Shooting guys!


It looks like the duck got its wings flapping before the eagle could get its big wings open. 

Arlyne and I got pics of the two adult birds wrestling with a green branch and talking about it.  Not sure what the heck that was about.  Anyone?  Anyone?




Yesterday Arlyne and I took the ferry over to Coupville and stopped at Fort Casey.  This Fort is being kept up very well, with new paint jobs on almost everything and green lawns all over the place.  The really nice thing about this fort is they have two disappearing guns.  You can see the size of these guns……they’re huge!



Meanwhile, back at the museum, I’ve started painting the upper deck of the museum building.  It probably hasn’t been painted in decades.  It should take me a couple of days.  Arlyne sold $100 worth of toy cannons and airplanes recently.  The nicer weather is starting to bring out more people, including vacationers from out of state.

Draper Comments:  I wish the TV broadcast industry would develop a “scandal” channel and put all the government scandal coverage in one place.  That way, I wouldn’t have to watch slimy government incompetence and corruption stuff every day (unless I wanted to).  The same could be said about corporations as well, I suppose.  Maybe another  separate channel would be nice for them.

Comment:  I wish the English language could get rid of the word “horrific”.  Whatever happened to “horrible” and “horrifying” and “horrendous” and “unspeakable”?  I also wish the English language could get rid of the phrases “going forward” and “at the end of the day”.  These phrases are way, way overused.  These phrases crept into the U.S. from Britain about 20 years ago.  They’re not even ours.

We got a very nice comment from another traveling couple who likes our lifestyle.  I can’t help but put their comments in verbatim.  Thanks, Phyllis and Charles.  They said:

It’s very fortunate you are able to travel wherever you wish in your motorhome and take such beautiful pictures along the way. It’s great for those who cannot travel, to be able to enjoy the talents of people like you two, who are able to pass along your works. I thank you for sharing all these beautiful pictures. I enjoy (them) so very much. We also are motorhome people having traveled over 30 years in motorhomes, fifth wheels and even a 31 foot trailer pulled by our 76 Cadillac years ago, so we relate to what you’re doing. We’ve met so many people along the way and love sharing with them also.

Thanks again…………..The Drapers

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One response to “The Eagle Family Up Close and a Trip to Fort Casey

  1. Lydia Kaser

    July 6, 2013 at 11:59 pm

    I really enjoyed the story in pics of the eagle family. Glad you enjoyed your work camp. Exciting that your grandson gets to travel with you through CA and back to TX.


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