Counting Down the Days………

27 Jun

We only have three more “working” days at the Coast Artillery Museum before we go “off duty”.  We’ll spend two or three more weeks here in the Olympic Peninsula before we start heading back south.  It should be entertaining (illuminating?) to go from a constant 59 degrees to the hot 90’s and 100’s in Southern California and Texas.  Maybe we should drive 5 miles per hour on our trip so we can gradually acclimate to the change without getting the “bends”. 

Arlyne got back from her trip (that I didn’t tell you about) to Upland to take care of our grandson Aidan for a week.  I dropped her off at Sea-Tac airport at 6:20 am (aarrrggghh!) and her trip went very well.  Aidan, Ava and Quade were all very happy to see her.  Especially Aidan.

Big News:  Our grandson Griffin from Austin, Texas is coming to visit on July 5th and will eventually travel with us back to San Diego.  But first, we’re planning to show him our sights here (Cape Flattery, Ft. Worden, Ft. Casey, Boeing factory tour, maybe up to the Skagit river area north of Seattle to see a few birds, a fiddle concert here at the Fort) followed by more amusements on the drive to Southern California.  We hope to visit Mt. Saint Helens and Crater Lake.  Stay tuned for a future blog that shows Griffin and his grandparents trooping through the Pacific Northwest.

The Birds are Closing in…. It seems the birds have discovered Arlyne and me looking at them and taking their pictures.  A gull in the Safeway parking lot was on our car when we came out of the market.  He sat on the hood as we loaded stuff in the back and stayed there as we got in.  He walked up to the windshield and pecked at it.  I’m pretty sure it was either a juvenile glaucous-winged gull or a cultural emissary from the bird world, with a message.


We tried to visit our favorite eagles in Sequim but it was (of course) rainy, overcast and cold.  Please check out because Charles has some great photos of Ricky and Lucy and their new little fledgling eaglet.  When are you going to name the eaglet, Charles?  If you can’t determine the gender yet, maybe try something neutral like “icehead” or “featherhead” or “fishfinder”.


Chores and Weather:  I’m painting the other (left) upper deck of the Museum but it’s difficult due to continuing rain.  Can you imagine we have another week or more of cold, rainy and overcast weather?  There’s an old joke about Arizona:  It’s so hot there that dogs run around at night, looking for shade.  Well, here in Planet Washington, the sun comes out so seldom that dogs, upon seeing the sun, run around during the day, looking for shade.  Kids in kindergarten are introduced early to the concept of “sun” so they won’t be afraid if it should appear one day.

Check out Arlyne’s pics of pigeon guillemots.  They don’t seem to mind her camera work.



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One response to “Counting Down the Days………

  1. Lydia Kaser

    July 6, 2013 at 11:55 pm

    Arlyne, you photography is artistic. You have such a talent for capturing beauty and a day in the life of a bird.


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