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Our Grandson Shows Up…..we do some (what else?) birding

After nearly four months, we moved our motorhome to the nearby SKP RV Park.  We settled in OK but had to give up our HD Direct TV connection because of too many trees.  The park has  “cable” TV with two channels.  These two channels, however, are MeTV and CoolTV.  The first one continuously runs old TV shows, like……..The Brady Bunch, Leave it to Beaver, Mary Tyler Moore Show, Gunsmoke, Perry Mason, Hawaii Five O, etc., etc.   I’m not kidding.  We can only take so much of this.  We may watch an hour or two over the course of three days.  CoolTV has heavy metal, rap and acid rock, etc., for young people.  Can’t take that either.

We picked up our grandson Griffin at the Sea-Tac airport and come across the ferry late at night.  Griffin had never seen so many stars.  That’s one thing Washington can be good at……clear skies.  Coming across the Bainbridge Ferry, the temperature was 59 degrees of course.  I took Griffin through “our” Coast Artillery Museum (which he really liked) and hiked up the artillery hill to walk on top of the batteries.  He really liked that.  We saw our former colleague, Kevin, cleaning up one of the batteries in preparation form30 Navy personnel who are coming this week to paint some of the batteries.  Mostly, this is done to cover up the ubiquitous graffiti but it makes the batteries look great.

We took him to see the eagles in Sequim and got to see Lucy’s now much larger eaglet .  I’ll call the little guy a male.  We watched as he tested out his wings and hopped around the nest by himself.  I contend we saw him do his first flight……about 6 inches high and a foot long, as he leaped from one side of the nest to the other.  The parents were sleeping in another tree about 100 yards away.  Several people showed up for the antics and looked through my spotting scope.  Griffin, not too excitable normally, was thrilled to see his first bald eagles.





Yesterday we drove 4-1/2 hours to Cape Flattery, the northwestern-most corner of the United States.  The view is spectacular and there were lots of birds around.  As we walked up the trail to one of the viewing platforms, a couple of people announced that there were puffins off to the right. 

When we got there, however, the “puffins” turned out to be pigeon guillemots.  Griffin got to see northwestern crows, pelagic cormorants, two Caspian terns, a couple of bald eagles gliding around the craggy cliffs just off the coast and the pigeon guillemots.  Griff handled the spotting scope and let other tourists take a look.  We also saw a seal (an elephant seal, I think) and watched cormorants building nests on high scary cliffs. 

We stopped at the estuary at the John Wayne Marina and got some fairly good shots of kingfishers kiting above Discovery Bay.   Every time we stop by there, something good happens.

A few miles before we arrived at the trail to Cape Flattery, Arlyne spotted a bald eagle sitting on top of a 100 foot spruce tree.  But the most fun was seeing the eaglet growing up.   We think the eagle parents are providing “tough love” by not feeding the little eagle for several hours and not hanging around the nest very much.  He should be flying to nearby branches within a  week.

The picture of Arlyne and Griffin on their first joint birding trip is great…..suitable for framing! 


Next blog will cover Griffin and us at Fort Casey and our orca boat trip.  We are having a fun time, all three of us.  We were lucky to see lots of orcas and Griffin has added 15 new birds to his list.  He is getting (at least temporarily) into birding and has sharp eyes.

Hope to send the orca pics in a few days.  Hard to keep up with our adventures.  We are parked at a park in Anacortes right now and will leave Monday for Fall City to visit our friends…….then on to Mt. Rainer and Mt. St. Helens!

Oh what the heck…….here’s a couple of our orca trip pictures.


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