We Know We’re Back in California Because……

22 Aug

We get to walk among giant redwood trees…….  We never get tired of these big trees.  Grandson Griffin has never really been an outdoor person but while he was with us we introduced him to nature whenever we could.  Even our teenage game-boy was impressed with the giant trees.  Too bad the older kids don’t have to write “What did you do over the summer?” essays anymore. Image


We saw at least two major fires close up……..  One fire was in central California and the other was a half-mile from where we’re currently parked in El Cajon.  They really jumped on this one, with three helicopters dumping water, a fire chief flying overhead and a ground crew.  Fortunately it was put out within an hour.  I had fun taking action photos but I actually wanted to be closer.



We get to have dinner and play cards with our relatives…..  Here in San Diego, we are close to Arlyne’s brother Rod and her sister Clara and several nieces and nephews.  It’s nice to have our people around us.  It’s good that everyone is doing OK.

We’ve been stuck in huge freeway traffic jams……  We’ve forgotten how to avoid the commuter periods.  The jams are not really caused by accidents, just by too many cars and generally poor driving.  I wonder why cars are still built with turn signals…..nobody uses them.  And headlights should always come on automatically when it gets dark.  I just love summer driving on freeways at 8:30 pm when 25% of the cars have their lights off.  The other day we saw a freeway driver break at least four traffic laws in the space of 20 seconds.  1) Speeding, 2) reckless driving, 3) not using turn signals, 4) following too close.  I threw a big handful of profanities at him but he was out of range and the words were weightless anyway. 

We get to experience temps of 100+ degrees…..  It’s only about 80 now (whoops!  Later it was 99) but it was 104 when we got here.  The heat actually feels pretty good to me, having grown up in Arizona.  And the golf ball goes farther in high temperatures.

The Mexican food is fabulous…….  No matter how you cut it, our proximity to Mexico has brought wonderful Mexican seafood and other great dishes to San Diego and Southern California.  We went to a little place called Pancho’s here in El Cajon.  It’s next to a gas station down the street from us and guess what?  It was very, very good.

I get to play golf on courses that I’m familiar with…….  I had a nice round at Mission Trails even though one of the guys I played with liked to make a 150% swing every time.  He had two out of bounds, lots of missed fairways and only a couple of nice shots to the green.  He works for the golf course and plays 1 to 2 rounds every day.  I told him he should try a 95% swing and that he was probably “throwing away” a lot of rounds by playing so much.  Any given round doesn’t mean that much.  He reluctantly had to (sort of) agree with me.  He’ll probably have a wrenched back and need arm surgery in the next year or two.  I got to play with my brother as we were heading back to San Diego.  Now that was fun.  Nice going Bro.



We get to see half our grandkids (the other half’s in Texas)……. and their cousins.  How fun to see Quade and Ava and Aidan during the summer.  We get to see the cousins Brittney and Kylee who have grown up a lot.  Actually, at one time, we had five of our six grandchildren in one room because Samantha flew to San Diego from Austin as we arrived.  All our grandkids and their cousins are so beautiful, even the boys.  It’s incredible.


We get to go to the beach…..and body surf……  We’ve seen beaches but Torrey Pines Beach is one of the best in the world.  Arlyne and I aren’t much into beaches, mostly because of the sand and the sunburn.  But that’s mostly because we’re seniors.  I went in the water (which was not 59 degrees) and thrashed around with Griffin and Samantha.  Too bad I didn’t have a boogie board like they did. 

We have to go to doctor appointments…..  Between us we have 5 or 6 doctor appointments before we start back to Texas.  Let’s hope for the best.

I got to see former co-workers from my 26 years at Cubic Defense at the “Captains of Industry” luncheon!   There were eight of us there.  Almost all of us are retired and full of interesting stories.

Arlyne and I are closer to our next assignment.  Whoo Hooo!  We’re hoping to get a job as birding guides at a National Wildlife Refuge in Texas. 


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