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Extreme South Texas – the Edge of the Known Universe

Arlyne and I are at Santa Ana NWR, our latest volunteer assignment.  We’re helping at the Visitor Center, with other duties thrown in.  Arlyne is working at the Nature Store and I work the front desk and the fee booth at the entrance, which I call Fort Apache.  We like being at the refuge.  This is our third time here.  The people are great and we’re surrounded by our birds.   Down here in the Rio Grande Valley, you don’t stop and smell the roses……you stop and smell the broccoli, the onions, the cauliflower, the kale, the cilantro… get the idea.  The farms are cool and they’re all around us.

THE REFUGE.  We had a 3-hour briefing when we got here.  The staff explained how the NWR protects birds and other animals, how the habitat is being protected and restored and the people who do it.

Right here in our little complex of buildings we have biologists, botanists, real estate experts, Fish and Game Officers, wildlife experts, local law enforcement, firemen, border patrol, maintenance, oil and gas experts, environmental education experts, a non-profit organization (Friends of the Wildlife Corridor), various managers and, of course, volunteers.

Now you know where we are and what’s done here so let’s talk about……………..

ALIENS.  (not what you think) Arlyne and I always find fascinating things to see and do when we’re here.  Just driving around the Rio Grande Valley we see stuff that no one else will ever see unless they visit here.  Here’s the thing:  Take a look at these pictures of great-tailed grackles.  I believe great-tailed grackles are actually illegal aliens.  They’re not from Mexico or Central America as some people say……..they’re from outer space!  Think about it.  We don’t know what beings from other solar systems look like.  We don’t know what they would do if they came to Earth.  Well………there are millions of grackles living among us on our planet right now.  We really don’t know where they come from.  I’m quite suspicious of these so-called “birds”.  They may look like birds but they’re not.  Just because they fly doesn’t mean they’re really birds.  I think grackles are robot-birds that mimic the appearance and behavior of true birds.  I say they came here from another planet or galaxy.  Here’s why:

They don’t speak English or any other known human language.


Figure 1 – I am your leader

Their “language” is a complex, unintelligible mixture of squawks, whistles, clicks, growls and buzzes.  Remember R2D2 from Star Wars?

They have ghastly, glowing, piercing, other-worldly yellow eyes.  See Figure 1.

They’re totally shiny, iridescent, glistening purple/black in color.  Probably a cloaking system.

They have a prehistoric appearance, particularly the tail, which is often held vertically instead of horizontally, kind of like a stegosaurus.

They have unusual behaviors such as extreme bending of their necks or simply gazing into the sky in silence.  Remember ET the Extraterrestrial?

They’re VERY aggressive, taking up habitat and residences previously “owned” by other life forms.  There are well-known stories of grackles watching tired migrating birds that have just crossed the Gulf of Mexico….then attacking them, breaking their necks, but not eating them.  I personally saw a grackle swoop in after a newly-arrived wood thrush, both of them disappearing into the bushes.  I think I know what happened.

Grackles are completely undocumented, having no papers, visas, passports or IDs, not even interstellar versions.

They’re spreading through the entire southwest of the United States.  There are other species of grackles that are encircling the globe.

They don’t pay any form of compensation to the countries they live in.  They just take over.  This is not a recent phenomenon.  Grackles began to appear in North America in the late 1800’s.  They cluster together in neighborhoods that include only their own kind.    See Figure 2.


Figure 2 – Grackle Condominium

U.S. Fish and Game personnel are, as we speak, devising ways to rid our planet (or at least this area) of these creatures.  I’ve talked to them.

They don’t observe state or national boundaries

They don’t have licenses to fly in our air space.

They don’t respect the boundaries of national parks, state parks, wildlife refuges, preserves, countries or infrastructure.

They ignore our culture and everyone else’s

They respect no authority except their own

They have huge numbers of offspring (up to 7 eggs)

They don’t assimilate into any earthly society

They don’t aspire to higher education (that we know of) for themselves or their offspring

They don’t learn English (or any other earthly language)

They don’t encourage us to learn their language(s).


They are highly social.  They live among their own kind peacefully, unlike humans (see Figures 3 and 4)


Figure 3 – Incredible Organization

They are well organized and faithfully follow their own laws.  They have a definite pecking order that we can see as they manage their roosting/living space, typically on wires and trees.  It has been said there are perhaps 20 million grackles in just the Texas Rio Grande Valley.

Engineering Assessments:  Arlyne and I drove along Highway 83 in Alamo a few evenings ago.  As I saw these “birds” lined up on the wires, I estimated that each one was 5 inches from its neighbor.  I drove about one mile and saw them the entire time.  There are 5280 feet in a mile.  That means about 12,600 birds per mile for each wire.  Typically, there were four wires full of birds on each side of the highway.   So, multiply 12,600 times eight and I


Figure 4 – There’s no end in sight

probably saw over 100,000 birds in a mile.  As Arlyne and I drove home, there were several other locations with more wires and more birds.  My rough estimate is we saw upwards of 500,000, just in our area, around the small city of Alamo.

A few evenings ago, I saw a “cloud” or swarm of these “birds” flying over the Refuge, heading north to Alamo (probably).  As I looked south, I saw more and more of them in a continuous stream.  I estimated about 25 birds passed by me every second.  After about 6 minutes, the bird swarm stopped coming.  My arithmetic says I saw (wild estimate) nearly 10,000 birds in just this one swarm.  I was blown away.


Figure 5 – Can you do this?

CONCLUSION:  Clearly, these creatures are hiding in plain sight, mixing with real birds.  Some say grackles are smart.  I say these alien creatures occasionally slip up and reveal awesome intelligence.   Some say they’re crafty.  I say they are cunning and wily, exactly the behavior that intelligent alien creatures would exhibit here on earth in an attempt to mask their true motive of taking over the earth.

I had fun doing this one!  But the next blog will have pictures of REAL birds!

Bob and Arlyne Draper

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